Hostel Facility at Pramod Mahavidhyalaya




Excellent and separate hostel facilities for boys and girls are available in the campus of Pramod Mahavidhyalaya. The hostel superintendents along with their troupe in the respective hostels make the students stay very comfortable, hassle free and secured that give a feeling of "A HOME AWAY FROM HOME" which is very conducive for specialized studies. Utmost care is taken to provide good sanitation, hygienic surroundings and medical facilities along with messing facility. The students seeking accommodation in the hostel must apply at the time of admission. All boarders shall have to abide by the rules and regulations of the hostel and shall have to sign an undertaking to the effect. The Hostel can accommodate nearly 100 boys and girls.


Boarders Manual

  • Guest Facility
    There is no facility in any hostel to accommodate guest of any description. However in emergency situation boarder have to obtain written permission from the superintendent to accommodate the members of their family in the campus guest house for a day or two.

  • Visit to Local Guardian
    Boarders are allowed to visit their local guardians (LG) provided the LG seeks permission in writing from the hostel superintendent for such visit clearly mentioning the purpose & duration. The LG SHALL BE HELD RESPONSIBLE FOR ANYTHING THAT MAY HAPPEN TO THE BOARDER DURING HIS/HER VISIT.

  • Visiting Hours
    Visitors to the hostels are allowed only between 5.30 pm to 7.00 pm. No visitor is permitted to visit the boarders without specific permission from the hostel superintendent.

  • Study Hours
    Study hours throughout the year shall be from 7pm to 9.30pm and 11pm to 12 mid-night.Lights shall be switched off at the stroke of midnight. Attendance shall be taken everyday at 7 pm and absentees are duly marked and informed to the authority.

  • Use of Electrical Appliances
    Use of following Electrical Appliances are strictly prohibited in the hostels.
    1. Water Heaters. 2. Room Heaters. 3. Electricity for cooking purpose 4. Electric iron 5. Room coolers 6. TVs, VCRs, Audio Players in individual room.

  • Use of Cell-phone
    Use of cell-phone is strictly prohibited during study hours and after mid-night till 6 AM.

  • Food & Beverages
    Messing in the hostel is compulsory. All hostels are provided with mess facilities through caterer. Consumption of liquor, narcotics and smoking are strictly prohibited in the hostels.

  • Payment of Dues
    All Hostel dues shall be paid in time as notified by the authority. The hostel dues excepting the caution money deposit are collected annually at the time of admission from the 1st year students and on 1st May from senior students of succeeding years.

  • Leave of Absence from the Hostel
    No boarder is allowed to leave the hostel for home or any other place without prior written permission from the hostel superintendent. The written permission shall be produced before the hostel security for record before proceeding on leave.

  • Quitting the Hostel
    A boarder granted admission to the hostel may withdraw within 7 (Seven) calender days from the date of such permission. Thereafter no withdrawal is allowed and the boarder has to pay for a full 12 months. A boarder desiring to withdraw from the hostel from the subsequent year (s) must submit an application at least 3 (three) months before to the hostel Superintendent/Principal.

  • Damage of Hostel Property
    No boarder shall indulge in damaging hostel property of any description.

  • Enrollment in Training Institute
    Boarders enrolling in training institutes shall do so with the permission from the hostel superintendent. They shall clearly mention their time during which they are to remain absent for attending such courses. The authenticity of such enrollment must be produced before the hostel superintendent for granting permission. The receipt in original of fees paid must be produced as a proof of such enrollment.

  • Ragging / Inconveniencing Inmates
    No boarder shall indulge in ragging in any form or inconveniencing of any kind to any inmate of the hostel. The out going students (Final Year) shall be allowed to avail the hostel accommodation till the last date of their final examination.


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